Friday, 6 February 2015

A Trade Recap is in Order...

with the Angels in Order. Seems like the thing to do when I have yet to bust any S1.

I sent some Patriots and checklists stateside. In return, some cards came my way. And in return, a thin yellow padded envelope will be returned stateside, probably on Monday.
All but one of the cards were for one of the three teams I collect. Except this one. Which was on my top 10 list until this arrived. While it is a Mariners card, the appearance of Mr. Met makes me consider it a Mets card for my collection. It's also my first card featuring Mr. Met in my collection, which makes this even happier to add this to one of my Mets binder.

And I replaced this card in my top 10 list with a Zan Tabak. That's quite the drop-off.
Speaking of Mets, here's the only other one in the package. But content from the two Canadian teams more than made up for that.
Such as these 5 cards for my player PCs.

But those dwarfed the additions to my team PCs.
Which added a lot of cards to my collection, and that's especially nice since many are from smaller sets. I think the two first cards might be the only ones I had prior to this package, which is a great ratio for Jays additions. The Joe Carter in row #4 is also a dupe, but I had one in my collection of Carter, but not my jays collection.
And if the Expos are more your thing, here are a pile of those as well. I was happy to add the Youmans Canadian Greats card, since I thought that was the only one I needed for the set. Now, it seems like I might also need the Stieb from '85. I guess in 1980 the Donruss photog was at Wrigley when the Expos visited. As with the Jays, lots of stuff from various small boxed sets in the late 80s, and they're all welcome needs.

Thanks for the goodies, and AiO should keep his eyes peeled for a small envelope on the way as a thank you. Probably Monday, if not then, Wednesday.

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  1. I get excited when I can knock a card of someones top ten. So thank YOU!