Saturday, 14 February 2015

Obligatory 2/14 post!

Happy birthday to me! And these fine folks in the post today.

As I did last year on 2/14, I'm going to do a top 10 involving cards from my 2/14 collection. As with last year, this will also be thetop 10 cards that I couldn't have had last year. I'm also going to limit this to one card from each person, mainly as a way to prevent this from being half cards of Jadeveon Clowney.

And away we go!
#10 - Derek Norris - 2014 Topps Update
Derek was near thr top last year with his super base card in Series 2. Not so much this year, but he was an All-Star and got your typical bland card to go with it. Still, getting two base cards and all the parallels gives me a lot of options when it comes to expanding his PC.
#9 - Angel Di Maria - Panini World Cup Prizm
This probably should be higher, but I'm just not a big fan of soccer. Still, one of these should be on the list. I opted for this one over Edinson Cavani because I liked how the Argentinian jersey looked with the Prizm design.
#8 - Wali Jones (and some other guys - Wilt who?) - Panini Innovation - Starters Legends - My basketball lineup is incredibly bland. With everybody who would qualify not in the league any more, I would have been amazed to see any of them in new releases. But, there's a line-up card with Wali Jones' floating head in it! And of the people I thought might have cards in the past year, he would not be one of them.

#7 - J.J. Wilcox - Panini National Treasures - Only one card (and parallels) for this guy, who was a rookie in 13-14, and it was from a mega super high end set. And there's only about 150 or so total cards out there when numbering of this and its parallels are considered. Still, a nice deal at COMC makes this a new card for my collection.
#6 - Alshon Jeffery - Panini Prestige - Like with Derek Norris, there would be a lot of options as to cards for him with Alshon coming off a monster 2013 season. I'm picking this one since I liked the design, giving it the nod over the nice photo on his Topps card.
#5 - Ian Clarkin - Bowman Draft & Prospects. Ian was the most shameful addition to my collection. Not because he is a Yankee. Because I pulled an auto of his late in 2013, and then didn't realize until months later that he was a 2/14 baby. Now I've caught that, I'm looking for his cards. This one came from a jumbo pack of Bowman Draft, and was the very last card in the pack. For a card to be my favourite in a pack when it is a Yankees card, and the pack contained an on-card auto /150, that's a pretty special card. Refractor-y too!
#4 - Keith Wenning - Panini Crown Royale - Another rookie addition to my collection. He spent this season on the practice squad, so I was doubtful he'd show up as a hit. But, there he was! He's also got cards in Contenders, but I voted for this one because I liked the shiny background.
#3 - Gheorghe Muresan - Panini Prizm - I was stunned when I saw that Muresan had a card in a base release in 2014-15. So, of course, I had to grab the loudest one I could find. I'm still waiting for it to show up from COMC, so you get their scan in the meantime.
#2 - Marian Gaborik - O-Pee-Chee Stickers - My favourite design of the past year was this insert set. 75 Baseball? 71 Hockey? Why not both! And they combine to create this beautiful design. Gaborik is another one that I thought might be all over the top 10, and another reason I limited this to 1 per person. Lots of Alshon, Marian and Jadeveon might have made for a dull post.

#1 - Jadeveon Clowney - Certified - As soon I learned that there was a 2/14 baby among those likely to be very high in the draft this year, I had to get at least one relic and one auto of his cards. Seeing him go #1 worried me, but I figured that since he was defensive guy, prices would be reasonable enough. They really didn't drop as the year (and injuries) piled on. However, I jumped into a football random gorup break at mojobreak over at Black Friday, and the randomizer granted my wish with the Texans. And I was able to get both of my wanted cards combined on one. And it is a really nice 3 colour patch as well. I did see some similar ones going for about $40.00 for a one-colour patch, but upwards of $80.00 for 3-colours. And I even got a bonus Clowney (one that would have been Top 3) from the Black Friday packs that were included.

And there you have it. What do you think, sirs?


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Jim Kelly and Drew Bledsoe!!

  2. Not everyday you see Muresan dribbling the ball ! he looks like a Forward on that card