Wednesday, 4 February 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 5 - 10 Basketball Packs Repack

As Target works its way out of Canada, I do plan to be on some repack runs in the meantime, probably with this being my last chance at grabbing repacks featuring basketball and football, with there being a slight chance at some baseball.

This particular one had only one basketball one on the shelves, with it being a ten pack repack.

The packs inside were:

2 packs 1990 Skybox
1 rack pack 2006 UD
1 Pack 2008 UD First Edition
2 packs 2009 Adrenalyn
1 pack 2009 Panini flagship
1 pack 2009 Prestige
1 Pack 2009 UD First Edition
1 rack pack 2010 Donruss

Since I really don't intend to dwell too much on the Skybox, I'm just going to leave the rack packs aside for a future post, and cover the others. There's still 50+ cards in this grouping which I'll go through chronologically.

Leading with the Skybox, I really don't want to list everything, so here are my favourite from each of the two packs of that.
While Manute could be a highlight for some, it really is a dull pack when my favourite card is Kurt Rambis.

2008 UD FE:
Al Horford - A nice photo, but the large band on the bottom really brings the overall look of the card. At least the rest of the photo only has the colour removed as opposed to it being completely covered.
Isiah Thomas - I don't know why they have different designs for the retired players, especially when the card is part of the same base set.
Kosta Koufos
Quentin Richardson
Matt Barnes - This is the gold parallel, which you'd have to flip over to see as such. At least if I went 18 per page on the binder, it wouldn't matter.
Michael Jordan - Starquest - It doesn't matter what set it comes from, a Jordan is allways a great pull.
Samuel Dalembert - I love celebration shots on cards. It doesn't matter the sport they come from.
Lamar Odom
Randy Foye

2009 Adrenalyn #1

Darrell Arthur
Kobe Bryant
Kevin Durant - That's a pretty good back-to-back pull.
Elton Brand - Extra - These are cards with bonus stats in whatever game this is.
Trevor Ariza
Jeff Teague

2009 Adrenalyn #2

Arron Afflalo
Kelenna Azubuike
Tyrus Thomas - Shiny!
Thabo Sefolosha
Tony Battie
Blake Griffin - A good rookie to find, even if it isn't from the most high end of sets.

2009 Flagship

Dirk Nowitzki
Sasha Vujacic
Eddie House - If I can't pull any Raptors so far, I guess a Celtic will do.
Samuel Dalembert
Andrew Bogut
Morris Peterson - Here's a former Raptor.
Michael Redd - A sticker! Or decal, as Panini called them.
Wayne Ellington
Willis Reed - Legends of the Game - Legend inserts are always welcome.
DJ Augustin
Brendan Haywood
Valdimir Radmanovic

2009 Prestige
Bob Dandridge
Andrea Bargnani
Jermaine O'Neal
Tyler Hansborough
Charlie Villanueva

Aside from the retired Dandridge, everybody in this pack was (or is for Tyler) a Toronto Raptor. That's kinda nice. Best pack so far!

2009 UD FE

Josh Smith
Carmelo Anthony
Ray Allen - Celtics content!
Udonis Haslem
Dwayne Wade - Slam Dunk
Michael Jordan Legacy - My second Jordan of the break - and it is one of him with hair! I really want #752 from this set, which covers the game where the expansion Raptors handled the Bulls one of their 11 losses during their 71 win season.
Shane Battier - Gold parallel - At least with these you can tell the parallelness of it from the front.
Jrue Holiday - Not quite the Griffin, but still a decent rookie pull.
Wally Szczebiak
Anthony Parker - Kind of a Raptors card to close it off. He's also listed as a Raptor on the regular UD card instead of just being pictured as such here.

The last two packs tomorrow, depending on whether I can find some 15 S1.


  1. I love to get those re-packs when I can. Yours had a better mix of packs than average. Most have two or more of the Adrenalyn XL gaming cards instead of real cards. I have not been lucky enough to pull Elton (my all time favorite player) from any of mine though.

  2. Two Jordans is always a good thing.