Monday, 9 February 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 78: Not Quite Masked Mondays

I don't really do Masked Mondays anymore, but this does seem to be as good a time as any to highlight some of the goalie cards from my most recent COMC package (with two more on the way, meaning these COMC Challenge posts will likely continue well into spring).

Sure, nowadays people have the most evil looking heavy metal-ish creatures on their masks. But, I daresay that this one is more likely to give second thought to any opposing forwards than any of those.
Even though Brian Hayward really didn't play too many games for the Sharks, his mask from his time there was one of the most famous of the time. In fact, when you google his name, the first auto complete option after his name is "brian hayward mask". That's a pretty famous one. All that for 25 games.
Pokey! You have to turn the card over to find that it is a Pokey Reddick card, but it is a Pokey Reddick card. Trust me.
Just a case of looking at a card, saying "that's a great mask", and picking one up. In this case, he's got a mask showing a moose, the logo for Vancouver's then AHL affiliate, the Manitoba Moose.  So, that's kinda neat.
Not to be confused with this guy.

At this point, I've just realized that I have been going through these chronologically. So, it makes perfect sense to end with this one.
Just a set builder, but 17 to go to finish off the SP portion of this set. Maybe I'll put the last card into the binder before the Stanley Cup is raised.

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  1. Those minor league hockey teams have the best names. Manitoba Moose. It does not get much better than that!