Thursday, 19 February 2015

Meet The Mets - that I got in the Nachos Grande Group Break

My brain isn't really working too well for an opening sentences, so I'll just state that Nachos Grande hosted a group case break of Series 1 Topps, in which I picked up the Mets, and here are some of the cards.
Sometimes, I like to end with the big hit, but sometimes I'd rather start with it. I was really, really happy when this one came out of the second box in the case. This is a birth year stamp/coin insert , limited to just 50 copies. There are also nickel, dime and quarter versions of this, and they're also limited to 50. If I'm going to get a manufactured hit, it might as well be something a little more than a manufactured patch/pin/coin. As for the coin, it is actually sealed inside some plastic, even though the stamp is touchable.
No Congratulations! on the back either. This really is an odd hit.

I did end up with either 7 or 8 cards each of the base. I don't really want to post them, so I'll just hit the parallels/inserts.
No numbered parallels, but these rainbows seem to fall a bit more frequently than the golds. Here's the three I ended up with. And yes, I'll clean my scanner glass at some point.
Another shiny insert - and more evidence of my scanner's filth.
And here's a second Piazza. Two Piazza means I can quote Charlie Dog of Looney Tunes fame.

"I'm going to have a piazza, I'm going to have a piazza!"
I've really got to get the historical events that go alongside these. For these, the 69 is the moon landing and the 80 is CNN.
I'm not at all a fan of his, but I'm still glad to get this insert. And I'm storing this one in my Mets binder just like all the other team cards.
And to wrap this up, here were some bonus cards that were in there. Bonus cards are always welcome! Thanks for the goodies and hosting the break, and I hope you like the 'thank you' envelope I sent your way.


  1. That Wright is so different. What a cool card for your Mets collection!

  2. Those relic/stamp cards are a case hit. I like them a lot better than the pins, but I don't understand why they're selling for crazy money. If my math adds up correctly, that card is worth $.21 - maybe closer to $.30 if you adjust for inflation?

    50 Cent may have the worst pitching motion ever.

    1. It's like Charles Barkley's golf swing.

  3. Am I the only one whose OCD bugs them that the penny is upside down?

    I've got the corresponding CNN card available if you wanna swing a PWE trade.