Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Mojobreaking some Contenders

While I am not a big fan of the Contenders design this year, I still decided to pick up a spot in a random break of the product. There are interesting in autos in the product, so I figured why not have a little chase? The randomizer landed on a combo spot for me  - Colts/Ravens. That gives me a personal chase card, since 2/14 baby Keith Wenning has autos in this product. I've got one of his base, maybe I'll get something new for my 2-14 PC.

But, I'll start with the Colts, which didn't really have a chase card, but still had some nice possibilities.
Mojo ships all the base cards, so I got plenty of Colts team sets out of the case. 11 to be precise. I got 11 of the Wayne and Richardson, but 14 of the Luck.
Here's the inserts the Colts portion of the slot got for me. Only 1 card of the MVP Luck, 2 of each card with Moncrief, but 4 of the touchdown tandems.
This is the gold holofoil parallel of the previous Moncrief Nice and shiny. 1 off from the coveted 99/99 ebay 1/1.
Two teams increased the chance of base parallels, and I grabbed this nice looking one of Andrew Luck. Definitely an uncorrected error in the upper corner. But, I guess I can now resell this as a /199 rookie of his. But I'll probably hang on to the card just for the humour value.
Aside from a few major SSPs, there's really only one auto for the Colts - and I ended up with it. This should be on-card once the redemption comes through.

That's it for the Colts. On to Baltimore!
11 each of the team base. Nice and consistent.
At least this parallel doesn't proclaim Torrey a rookie.
This does appear to be the only non-hit insert in this set for the Ravens. And I got two of 'em!

Speaking of two...
Not just a single new Keith Wenning, but two new ones for my 2/14 club. I think the one that is cropped closer is the variation, seeing that the seat and section are reversed. Short of pulling a card with even lower numbering, I don't think I could have asked for better results from the Ravens portion of the break.

The Wenning portion of my 2/14 now stands at 5, 4 of which are sticker-graphs. Keep chasing his rainbows.

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