Monday, 16 February 2015

You Got Hobby in my Retail! Again!

Taking advantage of liquidation at Target means I picked up a second hobby box of 12-13 Rookie Anthology.

I won't post any of the base cards, but I'm now less than 20 away from completing that set. I'll probably do just that.

So, I'm starting with the inserts. And when the opportunity presents itself, I'll always start with a Sens card.
Meaning I open with a Mark Stone /999.

Since one Donruss Elite /999 deserves another (both boxes I've busted contained two), here is that other card. This was a pretty good box for inserts, since every pack contained at least one of them. There always seems to be at least one pack that only contains base.
And one more, although this is a nice shiny die-cut numbered /100. I seem to be a magnet for Panthers cards in box breaks of this product, with last year's product turning me into a Drew Shore super collector.

But 12-13's super-collector status goes to Carter Ashton. Two cards of his - one being the one per box promised Rookie Treasure the other being one of the Titanium cards numbered to the player's jersey. I would be a Carter Ashton super-collector, but both these cards are spoken for.

If this box could be called a hot box for a team, that would be for the Leafs, since they also made an appearance among the Contenders /999 inserts. Despite them not really being contenders for the Stanley Cup, that Kadri will be a nice addition to my Rangers alumni collection.

Any of the acetate cards would certainly qualify as my favourite inserts in this set.

Time to wrap things up with the rest of the hits. If you liked the Game Gear inserts, you'd love this box. That Kostitsyn is the second one in this subset that contains a swatch that is obviously not from the team he's pictured with. It joins a Dustin Penner that is obviously an Oilers swatch. If I'm going to pick one of these three to get a prime two-colour swatch of, it would definitely be one Nieuwendyk. Even though as a Devil wouldn't be the first team I pictured him with.

And finally, a certain keeper:

My first 'Scratching the Surface' auto. What a great design to work an autograph into.

I just realized I'd typed this up and not shown the Prizm pack yet. So, now is as good a time as any. No numbered card this time around, but pulling both Stone brothers on inserts makes for an interesting box.


  1. I don't really collect or follow Hockey at all, but that "Scratching the Surface" insert is an awesome card. Great design and execution.