Saturday 31 January 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 76: The Raptors!

Coming off an almost-choke in Brooklyn last night, it is time to show off some of the new Raptors in my collection courtesy of the Challenges.
First up, the only debut in the binder. Sorta. I've got a card of Bayless in my collection, but it is one where he's pictured as a Raptor, but listed as being with the Memphis Grizzlies. This mid-season card out Gold Standard does appear to be the only one on COMC where he is both pictured as and listed as a Raptor. That still puts him ahead of Marco Belinelli, of whom the closest I can find is a card where he is still pictured with Golden State, but at least listed as a Raptor.
This was the only hit of this group of Raptors cards, and it is a first for my collection. I've get plenty of jersey swatches, but this is my first piece of court. The Northern Flights subset of 5 is entirely cards featuring court relics, all featuring Vince Carter. This does appear to actually have been from the ACC court, at least according to the back of the card, and it feels a lot smoother than it looks in the scan.

Those were the two big additions to my collection. The rest just were miscellaneous selections as I went through the Raptors portion of COMC sorting by lowest price, and picking out cards that interested me.
And here they are! I think most of these were in the 40 cent or lower range. I usually like the ticket design Contenders uses (this year's football was an exception), so grabbing one was an easy decision, especially since it was of someone who actually does have a selection of about 50 Raptors cards to chose from, but as of now this was my second. Whether it is called Heritage, Archives, or 1952 Style, throwback designs are always fun. I'm starting to get addicted to grabbing those cheesy Bazooka Joe comic cards. This won't be the last one from this COMC go-through. I liked Donyell Marshall's stint in Toronto, so why not add one more card of his? Finally, a card from a set I'd never heard of - Trademarks. This shiny "why haven't you cleaned your scanner glass yet?" card is /299.

And there's the Raptors portion of the COMC envelope - which should finally end the basketball portion of this.

Unfortunately, there are still well over 100 football, hockey, baseball and wrestling cards to post. With another 100 plus on the way.

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