Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Final 2014 Trade w/ Too Many Manninghams - Part 4 of 5 - O! K! Blue Jays!

As I continue to work my way through this trade package the end is near as I only have a few PC cards left after today's post.
Starting with a mascot card? Why not? Ace still can't carry B.J. Birdy's jock, but this is still a nice addition to my Jays collection. More importantly, why do have two cards of Ace, but not one of Mr. Met?
Two cards from 2013 Opening Day? When one is a mascot, and one is a short print, those are appropriate leads.
And then a 1988 Leaf card? When it is part of the trade package, which included all the cards from my wantlist needed to finish the set, then it is a great addition. There was also a Met in this portion of the set, but having more Mets than Blue Jays in the trade package made it a better choice for this part of the trade post.
A new hit for my Jays collection with this Shannon Stewart was the only auto or relic in the Toronto portion of the envelope. But that was more than offset by the rest of the Jays cards.
Even more shiny!

While some of these are numbered cards (Romero /299, Overbay /250, Mills /199), my fave of this bunch was the Chacin.
Yup. It's all about the bulldog cartoon.

Thanks for this portion of the trade - it is becoming a Sunday tradition.

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  1. It's fun to see your posts of these because it's been so long since I picked up all this stuff and sent it to you (not complaining, I like the Sunday thing) that I've pretty much forgotten what I even sent you!