Thursday 29 January 2015

Retail Prizm Basketball Sampler

I'm taking the opportunity to pick up some retail non-hockey packs while Target is still around. This time, here's some Prizm basketball. 3 packs of 4 cards each and one mini pack with red, white & blue pulsar cards.
Pack #1 opens with an interesting start with the Nater. It is always interesting to pull a card with a defunct/relocated team uniform on it. That's followed up with a pair of rookie cards, and another oddball uniform. It is a reappearance from Hoops, where Nerlens Noel, who was drafted in 2013 but injured and didn't play. That uniform is a summer league one.
And as is typical for Panini, the logo matches the era.
Other than the Canadian content with the Steve Nash, this was the blandest of the three egular packs.
But this one is more interesting, with a mix of retired and current players - one of the nicer things about Prizm sets. Classic Hornets teal!
And more fun with the logos. Despite two Pistons cards in the same pack, the logos are different, and they match the era.

No PC cards so far, but some nice ones still for my misc. basketball binder.
But here we have a nice card for my Raptors collection. A abrasively loud parallel, but since it is of a Raptor, it will be a welcome addition to my binder. Ross isn't quite performing up to the level of last season, and is coming off the bench how, but I don't care when I pull a Raptors card. And right next to it is a card for a retired Celtic, my second-favourite team. And poor Jusuf Nurkic. He might be having a good rookie season - but my interest in his card falls way behind the other two.

The bonus pack really picked things up to make it a worthy pack break, but even without, there were still some nice cards with the Larry Johnson and the Swen Nater.

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  1. Good stuff! The San Diego Clippers are rare to see getting new cards. Swen Nater is pretty rare to see in modern sets as well. His last NBA release dates to 2007-08, and this is only the third card- not counting parallels, or 1 regional team promo, he's gotten since he retired.

    Jameer Nelson's had a wild ride this year as well. He had spent his entire career with the Magic, who cut him in the offseason. The Mavericks picked him up, but then sent him to Boston in the Rondo trade...and after a few games, Boston has since sent him to Denver.