Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Final 2014 Trade w/ Too Many Manninghams - Part 2 of ? - Meet The Mets!

This one's probably going to be a 5 part trade post. I've still got Blue Jays, some hockey and misc. PC guys to get throughto get through.
Leading off, here's a card that disappeared off my top 10 wantlist. A nice Mets card coming off their 1986 season with a quintet of major faces from that team. I'm guessing this is from the All-Star game, as all 5 of these guys were on the team, and all but Fernandez were starters.
And to follow up a sedate looking card from the 1980s, why not a bunch of shiny cards from this century? A whole bunch of refractors were also part of the Mets (and Jays) portion of this trade. Shiny is always welcome. There was also a numbered card here, as Ceciliani's is /199.

You want autos? Let's start with the autos. 
I remember nothing about Jorge Toca except that he was a Cuban defector.
But I remember Jay Payton!
And Bobby Jones.
F-Mart I remember due to the hype he got on the way in (which, since it is the Mets, never panned out). I remember absolutely nothing about Guerra, since he never played for them. He went to Minnesota as part of the Johan Santana trade, and is still toiling in the minors. He's now in the Pirates system.
And to wrap this up, how about a buyback from Heritage? This is my second one from this set, having also pulled a  Larry Miller as a box topper. It has that silly stamp on it, but this still might be my favourite card from the Mets portion. Despite the 50th anniversary thing, it will still go in the vintage portion of my Mets binder.

Thanks for these goodies! I'm probably past the halfway portion of this trade.

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  1. Great auto cards.
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