Friday 30 January 2015

Small Envelopes...Great Cards

Time to recap some cards that showed up in small envelopes from ebay and sportlots. 3 envelopes, with 6 cards between them is really too many for 3 separate posts, but just right for a single post.
Much as I like making nice new additions to my 2-14 collection, I'm not insane enough to shell out the bucks to add a real T206 to the collection. At least not yet. But, this reprint from 1983 of Tim Jordan of the Brooklyn Superbas is just fine. And if you, like me, were wondering, "What the Sam Scratch is a Superba?", you can join me in finding the answer.
"Superbas” was the nickname of the baseball team that would later be called the Brooklyn Dodgers (now the Los Angeles Dodgers). “Superba” was the title of an 1890s entertainment spectacle brought forth by the Hanlon family. When Ned Hanlon (no relation) managed the Brooklyn club in 1899, his team was called “Hanlon’s Superbas.” Hanlon was let go as manager in 1905. The Brooklyn team would continue to be called the Superbas until 1910.
And now you know.
One more 2/14 card for this post. As much as I'm not a fan of the Contenders design this year, due to the dullest backs inaginable, I'm still going to grab a second auto of Keith Wenning for the collection. He has some on-card autos in Upper Deck's SP set, so I can hunt out a non-sticker one at some point.
Time to say goodbye to a long-time member of top 10 wanted list of a great card for my Mets collection, featuring a side arm delivery so low he appears to be bowling. It's a shame the logo is in the way, so you can't really see how far off the ground he is.
This is another one that dropped off my Top 10 list. It seems pretty generic and an odd addition for me, but the reason is hiding on the bottom. He's listed as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. While Mike Gosling never pitched an inning for the team, I'll still add him and his zero-year (tm: Nick @ Dime Boxes) card to my Jays collection.
Throwback uni!
Isn't this a nice way to wrap things up? Joe's finally grown his first mustache, and he's so proud of himself. His teammates don't even want to rain on his parade by telling him "You kinda look like Hitler.". You'd think they would at least tell him before "Photo Shoot Day."

But does this Williamsport Bills card mean I can use a Bills tag on this post? Looks like it!

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  1. Any post that features Chad Bradford is a top-notch post in my book. That guy is a legend.

    Sweet T206 as well! I've always wondered what in the Sam Hill a Superba was, and now I finally have an answer.