Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Trade w/ Shoebox Legends

Yet another incoming envelope.
Well. It is a Bills card. And given some of the misery brought on over the last 15 years, he might not even make a list of the most disliked Bills in team history. I'd still rather have O.J. over for dinner than say, Rob Johnson or J.P. Losman. So, I'd have him at #3 at least. Probably even lower (or higher, depending on how you view this list), when other sketchy Bills alumni return to my memory.
Only one Raptors card as well. At least he's never been charged with multiple murders, so it is an automatic upgrade over O.J. Both will still make my binders. I'm not picky.

Hockey was the bulk of the package.
So my mask binders gained a bunch of new cards. That Jets mask in the middle is an easy winner here.
Ditto for the Sens.
But the big winner here was my 2/14 binder, which got 2 more Marian Gaboriks. That's now 78 total in the binder. As usual, the Canvas card is beautiful.

But, as usual there were some packs in there. I busted 2 packs of OPC Leaders, 2 packs of 1991 Stadium Club and 1 pack of 1993 Pinnacle. I'll leave the latter to a spearate post, but will show off some of the interesting pulls from the packs.
I love those old Blues uniforms.
Stadium Club still meant interesting photos even back then. Such as a helmetless player after a wipe out, and a really intense face off photo.
And a pair of new cards for the Rangers alum collection. I already had the Poddubny in my 2/14 collection, and it is nice to add that beautiful card to a second mini-collection. I also think that was the only card of Tucker as an Islander, so that's a nice addition as well.

More mailings tomorrow! And probably into the weekend.

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for a PWE, Shane.

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  1. I believe I've found a way to PWE to Canada so I'm going to try sending you one soon and we'll see what happens!