Wednesday 28 January 2015

Just One (Jumbo) Pack...of 2014 Bowman Draft

I thought I'd stop with one pack of this, but there were some nice jumbo packs of the stuff, so, bring on some more sketchy photoshopping!
The pack did look less crumpled that this in the shop.

Foster Griffin
Mark Appel
Tyler Kolek - Not bad. 3 cards in and I pull one of the guys on the package.
Troy Stokes
Cole Tucker - I'm guessing the 5-year old in the Philippines that was doing the photoshopping on this one has never seen an actual Pirates jersey before. Or the only one s/he has ever seen was a knock-off on the streets of Manila with really tiny lettering.
Jared Walker
Shane Zeile - With a last name like that, my first question was "Is he any relation to Todd?". But, they're continuing the style of backs in Chrome, so I had to search it out. Todd's his uncle.
See? No biography on the back!
Jake Stinnett
Reese McGuire
Michael Chavis - Chrome
Kohl Stewart - Chrome
Erick Fedde - Chrome - Shiny cards. And my perpetually filthy scanner.
Dustin DeMuth - Ice - I was wondering if he was any relation to umpire Dana DeMuth. I'm still wondering that, as my google-fu is failing.
Grant Holmes - Draft Night - At least I can be pretty certain this jersey isn't photoshopped on.
Chris Ellis - Blue Refractor Auto /150 - So, not only do I pull a nice mini within a week of sending a trade package to Angels in Order - I also pull this auto. Typical of my luck.
Grant Hockin - Chrome
Aaron Judge - Chrome
Mitch Keller - Chrome
Max Fried
Michael Chavis
Miguel Sano
Erick Fedde - Interesting collation. A grouping of Michael Chavis, a Twin and Erick Fedde both as paper and Chrome cards in the same pack.
Lane Thomas - WOO-HOO! A Blue Jay!
Jeff Hoffman - WOO-HOO! Back to back!
Brett Martin
Derek Fisher
David Dahl
Marquis Wilson
Daniel Robertson
Isan Diaz - Refractor
Ian Clarkin - Refractor - The finale of this pack might be my favourite card in the pack. Moreso than the autograph and the two Blue Jays cards. Clarkin is a 2/14 baby! At least I recognized it this time around. When I pulled an auto of his from last year, I didn't even notice the birth date on the back of the card. But, I'm ready for his appearances this time around. And is a nice shiny addition to the binder.

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  1. For me that Draft Night card almost falls into the "so bad it's good" category.