Saturday, 24 January 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 4.2 - Repack Pack Wars!

Last night's post was so much fun - let's do it again. Tonight, the staple of lazy wrestling booking - a three way match. With 12 cards per pack, it is 2013 Series 2, 2012 Update and 2013 Update.

And not the most exciting match to start with. Even if the jersey wasn't a very likely photoshopping, I couldn't give it to a Yankees card. I guess I'll go with Mercier, since basic infield fielding shots aren't really common. 2013 S2 starts with the lead.
Three pitchers. Intense and happy Chris Perez is an easy win here against a pair of generic pitching shots.
Again, this one isn't the most fascinating match up. I really don't like the tight cropping on the DeRosa, so that's out. On a personal basis, I like Chapman, since I've always had a slight fascination with Cuban defectors. I guess that's enough for me to break 2013S2's strangelhold on points.
Now we have a really tough one. A nice view of the Mariners anniversary patch. A card saluting walk-off homers that does, looking at the background, seems to feature one. But they're up against a trio of throwback uniforms. A nice effort from the first two, but they really didn't have a chance.
A game winning run apporaches, and it doesn't appear that there will be a PATP, but it is up against a Mets card. That's really tough to overcome. And you know, the card does it. It probably wouldn't have worked very well as a vertical card, but it is horizontal perfection.
Inserts and parallels in the sixth spot. I really like the Team Italy Rizzo. It is a uniform you don't see a lot of on cardboard. That's enough to give it to S2.

So, the 2013 entries are tied at 3 at the halfway mark, and 2012 hasn't even reached the on-deck circle.
And it isn't going to get out of the dugout yet with the card in this pack. I do like how in the Jumbo packs I bought in '13, Mike Carp would always be followed by a Mike Trout card. A nice fishy combination. There was no Trout in this one to give that flashback, so I have to go with S2 again, and another great horizontal card.
Two really nice horizontal cards here. It is the closest that S2 has come to winning one of these so far, but the composition of the McAlister, with the blurred batter in the foreground is perfection.
Here's the one where S2 finally gets their first point. It isn't mind-blowing, but it is a dull match-up, and I like that there is also a Cardinals jersey in the background of an ASG photo.
But they won't put up two straight points. Not with that card. I want to give it to the Jays card, but I'm guessing that jersey has been photoshopped. So, S13 Update pulls off an upset and takes it.

Two matchups left. 2012 Update: 1. 2013 Update: 4. 2013 Series 2: 5.
A couple generic pitching photos. They're against a running shot, but I kinda like that the player isn't staring straight ahead in the photo. That's kinda different. 2013 Update ties it up with one group of cards left.
Gah! Series 2 really didn't want to win this one. Not like it would have a chance against the second throwback in the pack.

I'll probably wrap up the rest of the repack over the next couple days. I'm really not up for a 2012 vs 2014 Heritage to continue the repack pack war.


  1. You mean Jordy Mercer doesn't get you pumped up.

  2. Any pack with a Team Italia representative is a winner to me.

  3. You know you collect hockey when you read Jordy Mercer as Jordy Mercier.