Monday, 26 January 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 4.3 - Just The Packs

No competition here as I just show off every card in the repack I haven't shown off yet.
This was the oldest pack in the repack. No SPs here, but that Stan Musial insert is a pretty nice card. And I like the manager card of Washington as well. Not too bad, and it is a Heritage set I didn't get too many cards of, so it is still nice.
A shiny refractor and a throwback uniform. No complaints here either.
Although this Heritage is pretty bland. No SPs for trade bait, but a Mets card saves it.
I'm really tempted to skip on building the base set of flagship again this year, and just pick up a box of Opening Day instead. Maybe I'll wait and see how the SPs fall with Archives, since I like the sets they're saluting this year.
And to wrap it up, here's the GQ with the best pull in the repack. The red Ibanez is numbered to /99. Of course, this comes about a week after sending a care package to Angels in Order.

That's not the only time I'll make that lament this week.

Another repack scanned and posted. I'll try to stock up on these before Target checks out, leaving me with only hockey repacks at Walmart and Dollarama.

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