Friday, 23 January 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 4.1 - Repack Pack Wars!

I'll probably be buying a lot of non-hockey repacks as Target's run in Canada drops to a close, since finding hockey repacks from other sources is pretty easy. Other sports, notsomuch. These were the 10 packs contained within this one.

2012 Heritage
2012 Update
2013 Series 2
2013 Update
2013 Chrome
2014 Bowman rack
2014 Heritage (Regular and rack pack)
2014 Opening Day
2014 Gypsy Queen

As I was sorting through these, I found several had the exact same number of cards in them. The rack packs each had 20 cards. As did the retail packs of Heritage (9) and the 3 packs with flagship stuff from 2012 & 13. So, that leaves three potential match-ups.

But, since I really want to post a lot of scans, I'll do the rack packs tonight, and leave the rest for a later repack pack war (or just for a generic repack post). Ties will go to Heritgae, simply because I like the design so bunch.
We've got a very red uniform and a photo that seems way too action oriented for a set like Heritage. I really do like all the red on that card. So, Bowman 1 - Heritage 0.
 That is a lot of teeth for a card. Enough to tie things up at 1.
I like the Pierre card, but the photo is more interesting on the Darvish. Bowman regains the lead 2-1.
I seem to have been a magnet for Rays in Heritage. So, I should give this one to Bowman, but that's a pretty bland card up against a bat barrel makes it easy for Heritage to tie it up.
Alex Avila's photo with the trees in the background gives me the hopeful thought of spring, where every team has hope. Heritage takes the lead for the first time.
I like the pose for Uggla. Heritage 4. Bowman 2.
Zzzzzzzz. This is the blandest match up so far. Two generic photos. I thought when I started this that I'd give all the ties to the Heritage, so I'll stay with that. 5-2 Heritage.
Bryce is still a nice pull, but that's a pretty nice dual rookie card as well. I'm not as big a fan of the dual pennants on the rookies as I am for the base cards, so I'll put the Heritage streak on hold and reduce Heritage's lead to 2.
A Yankee against a Blue Jay? It really doesn't matter which player it is for either team. 6-3 Heritage.
I actually like all the empty seats working as a background in the Ethier. 6-4.
A Mets card gets the win, but when you're up against a guy named Buddy Boshers, it is closer than you think. The gap closes with Heritage maintaining the lead, 6-5.
These are both kinda interesting photos. Tie goes to the Heritage.
Mets content for the win here. And it is an interesting photo choice as well, so even if it wasn't a Met, I'd probably give the nod to Heritage.
You really don't see too many bunting cards among the Bowman prospects. So, they easily win this one. Heritage 8. Bowman 6.
Wow. This is really a tough battle. A super-hyped youngster out of Bowman. But, the Rizzo is a short print. This one is really a tough choice. Neither photo blows me away. If I send them out, I'll probably have more takers from set builders for Rizzo, so I'll give it to that by a narrow margin. 9-6 Heritage.
I love that Reed photo. It just looks like he is daring the batter to hit the pitch. 10-6.
This is another pretty bland battle. But, one is shiny. The other isn't. So this one goes to Bowman.
And two Mets total of 20 cards in Bowman. It's getting closer. 10-8.
Another draw with two uninteresting photos. Tie goes to Heritage, and they clinch the victory with in this.
Margot looks like he is trying to hold in a fart. Morales is a really nice spring training photo with a classic pose. 12-8.

Final total: Heritage 12 Bowman 8. And not a bad way to give a scanner a workout.


  1. Funny I've always thought the same thing about that Margot card. Received your PWE, thank you post coming.

  2. Bryant and Rizzo make both packs winners in my eyes.