Friday, 2 January 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 2: And now, the football

Time to show off the cards from the 75 card hanger pack of football - my last repack of 2014. And I'll post all of them.
This was one of the visible cards in the pack. Considering I root for the Pack once the Bills stink their way out of the playoffs, this was an easy enough decision to grab - a nice, thick manurelic. I'm surprised this was one of the visible cards, but I'll definitely grab something with an unexpected card visible.
The first 9 cards up. Kinda disappointed that the Gonzalez has such a bland photo on it. Given his retirement, I hope someone issues a Kyle Orton Buffalo Bills card before the 2015-16 releases. Fortunately, there is a great photo on the Ballard to make up for the earlier disappointment.
A couple really nice designs in this group of 9 on the Washington and the Tovar.
But, I just love the early Ultra backs across all sports.
My first Bills card - kinda. But, maybe the new coach? Whoever it is, I hope he can manage the clock better when the Bills have the lead and are trying to run the clock out. We also have a CFL alum joining an actual CFL card in this group. And the patron saint of babysitter jokes.
Minis! Greatest football repack ever! I actually got two of the Steve Youngs as well.
Visible card #2.
Visible card #3.
Starting off the second side are some cards from this season's releases. Seeing Reggie Roby on any team other than the Dolphins seems strange. Especially since you have him on two unfamiliar teams on the same card.
Nothing much to say about this one - other than the Robinson would have looked better without the Chrome.
An actual Bills card! I knew I couldn't go through an entire break without one. And 2014 Upper Deck makes an appearance as well. I busted a lot of 2013 Topps last year, but didn't recognize the Allen. It was a retail insert. But, even though I busted a lot of both hobby and retail, I still didn't recognize this. The Goode was the oldest card I pulled in this. Disappointing for someone that likes surprise vintage, but there were a nice variety of sets in this and I never ran into a wall of cards from specific sets.
A pile of rookie cards wrap this one up before getting to the final visible one. Some Cancon here with Watkins.
And the last visible card.

This was a really fun rip. Hitting a bunch of 2011 Topps has become expected in these, so I was really glad not to. And the bonus manuhelmet will be a nice thing that I can put in a top loader, and use to keep my keyboard with the missing foot even.

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  1. Love the 2008 Green Bay Gamers... it's such a great looking set. It's even cooler that you pulled it out of a repack. Congratulations and have a great 2015!