Tuesday 27 January 2015

A New Face for The Sens Binder

Fresh off World Juniors Gold - Curtis Lazar.
The orange parallels are from a 3-card bonus pack in 2014-15 Black Diamond.  I got this from picking up the Sens in a mojobreak mixer. I did have a redemption card for the Senators in Artifacts, but this came first.
The break contained two boxes of Black Diamond. So, with 6 cards in the two bonus packs, I ended up with a Senator in each one of them (alongside base cards of Greening and McArthur, and a dual diamond base of Bobby Ryan). After watching some other Black Diamond breaks, it seems the bonus pack doesn't use the same odds as regular packs - so you've got the same odds of a single diamond as a quad diamond.

Despite these being nice cards (and the Lazar orange paid for the Sens slot in the break), it still counted as a skunk. So, I got a bonus hobby pack. 2010-11 Black Diamond.
Despite there not being a hit in the bonus pack, I still did pretty well. A quad diamond card of someone who is still in the league (always a plus with any rookie card a few years after the fact) and a base card I didn't have for my 2/14 collection. Any appearance of Milan Hejduk in any pack I bust is a plus!

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