Saturday, 3 January 2015

So, how'd I do resolution wise?

Time to look back on my 2014 resolutions and evaluate them.

My 2/14 collection
600 cards by 2/14/14
800 cards by 12/31/14
5 new subjects in the binder (actually, it is down to 4 - 1 is already on the way via sportlots, and I figure that package should arrive sometime in 2014)
Most wanted additions to the binder - A blue Jim Kelly swatch, and an auto of Ayako Hamada
All of these accomplished. Binder total is just under 900. Have a Jim Kelly blue swatch and an Ayako autograph. Thanks to the COMC challenges, also added an auto of Jim Kelly. Plenty of new faces as well, including #1 pick Jadeveon Clowney, local second-generation Kitchener Ranger Ryan MacInnis, and a 1949 Bowman of Red Barrett, which also became my oldest card in the collection. WNBA and soccer players also debuted in the collection, Hollywood folks, and I even had an auto of a prospect from Bowman draft without knowing he counted towards the collection. And I've got 3 new subjects to post from my COMC Challenge go through.

My Raptors Collection
500 total cards in the binder
Every Raptor w/ a card ever Frankenset complete, even if I have to use traded cards for some people
Add 1 large patch from a high end set

I'm only at about 400 cards. With the latest COMC order, I think I do have my Raptors Frankenset done, except for people who are making their first appearances in 2014 sets and potential people with Raptors cards who haven't played a game for them yet. Even then, I'll call this one done. And the large patch came from a group break that included Immaculate. I would have been happy with a Quincy Acy.

In general
Start and finish my top 50 Ottawa Senators card countdown
And the big one for me - Resist the urge to build Topps flagship. Save the money for Heritage, since the pennant design is a favourite of mine.

Yes and yes to both. I did the Senators top 50 that I'd been planning on for a bit, and built Heritage as opposed to flagship. If Stad. Club drops in price for 2015 to a more Heritage or Archives level, I'll probably do that as well for next year.

So, 7 for 8. With no plans to make any goals for 2015.


When someone offers a trade on Listia with a "go through my tradelist and see what interests you", I'm going to hunt oddballs. I could post the SSPC of Ellis Valentine, but I'll go for this one for a simple reason.
The front is nice, capturing all of them in the same photo. But...
Stats on the back!

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