Wednesday, 7 January 2015

COMC Challenge Cards Part 68: New 2/14 Faces

And I really do mean new faces. 4 People that were making their debuts in the binder.
Doing google searches on "born: february 14" combined with sports related words usually brings up one new candidate. I thought it would be a long shot in terms of a card for a player, but figured it was worth a shot to add "Negro Leagues" to the search. Sure enough, someone came up, and it was someone with a decent career, both on field and as a manager, and a card issued in 1986. The photo is so badly faded, you can't even see what team he was with at the time. I'd bet on the Kansas City Monarchs, though since he spent much of his time there.
I've also started adding years from the mid 90's to my searches, and then searching on baseball-reference that way, looking for guys that might be showing up in the draft pick and prospect themed sets. And I found one.  Abiatal Avelino doesn't appear to have any cards aside from autographs out of Chrome, so the base was the one I picked up.
The other two additions are on their way to  the miscellaneous section of the binder. I have never watched an episode of this show, but  Danai Gurira showed up in searches. I saw she was on Walking Dead, and knew I'd seen cards for that. While I wasn't about to drop $140 on her autographed card, a generic base card will do just fine for my collection. And with this card, my spreadsheet totaled 900 cards in the binder. I've still got a lot to go through, so I think I might reach 950 cards by 2/14.
Someone had to be last of this group of 4.  Sorry about that, Chief! Edward Platt's appearance on this card makes him the last of the new faces. He's also the second person in the binder that has also been MSTed, (The Rebel Set), joining Lois Maxwell (Operation Double 007).

So, I now have 153 total people in the binder. And still adding to it.

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  1. I always thought The Walking Dead seemed like a dumb show, but someone convinced me to watch the first couple of episodes, and thanks to Netflix streaming I became hooked and ripped through the entire series. BTW, incoming bubble mailer headed your way from RI...