Saturday 13 April 2024

Blog Bat Around: Top 5 Pulls

 Others are doing it, so I'll do so as well. Let nobody say I won't follow the leaders!

Honourable Mentions:

This probably would have cracked the Top 5. But this was a redemption out of Optic that became a Status autograph. So I guess this technically isn't a pull since I had to work for it, and it wasn't exactly what I pulled in the end. At least it ended up replaced with a Kobe, and I requested the replacement a couple months before his passing.
These make honourable mention because I pulled them in back-to-back boxes that I picked up for Boxing Day in 2018. I don't think I could have made better pulls from two mid-range boxes opened in order. Two legends, swatches included, both /15. On-cardness and a patch gives the nod to Brodeur. 

Nothing beats a Hall of Famer pull out of a low-end, set builder box. The recent allegations against him, as well as his photo-sharing habits, keep this out of the top 5.

The Actual Top 5:

I knew I had to put a repack pull in here. It still is really hard for me to consider a Leafs card the best pull, but should I decide to sell this card, it would probably pay for several years worth of repacks with one card. 


With Chronicles becoming my favourite annual release, I knew I'd have to put one of their cards on the list as well. Can't go wrong with this Acuna 1/1! It being a superstar's auto is the reason I put this over the Austin Hays 1/1 I also pulled from this, which probably would replace it if I  were going solely on aesthetics. 


Now this was a way to start a PC, with this being my first card of the future NBA Champion! Nothing beats pulling a card of someone you PC, especially when it was probably one of his first chase cards, especially if you're chasing one of them in their NBA colours. I was indifferent as to whether it was Kentucky or Denver, but I wouldn't complain either way. 

As a bonus, this box also contained a /25 Pascal Siakam rookie for the Raptors PC.


A tie!
I couldn't go wrong picking either. And how to decide between the two? On-card? Nickname included? If I used the box as a tie-breaker, I'd go for the SPGU, since that box also landed me my first Gretzky and my first Lemieux relics as well, making it the most consistently great box I've busted. But the colour on the playbook is so well done, without overpowering the card. It is the better looking of the two.

I can't choose. So they tie. 

There you have it!


  1. Kobe and Brett and Howe. Nice!

  2. Whoa that's a lot of fire!! Love that Brodeur auto patch in particular. And the Mathews RC could be four digits in the near future.

  3. Yeah, that Brodeur is amazing. I'd have to find a place for it in the top five. But then I'm from Jersey, and he's so big here.

    Of course the Howe autos and the Acuña 1/1 are a whole 'nother level.

  4. Holy cow! You've had some awesome pulls over the years.

  5. Wow, excellent list, thanks for sharing!