Saturday 6 April 2024

Wrestlemania Weekend - Part 1

I've been doing wrestling posts on 'mania weekend for the past few years. But there were no WWE cards on the shelves at Wally World in the build-up. 

But some AEW is just fine for Day 1.
But with Jade Cargill making an appearance, I guess this can count as a Wrestlemania card, as she's on the show, working against Damage CTRL in a six-woman tag match. Her card is a table parallel, which, since this a horizontal card, falls 1:6 in these packs. But overall, each card was either a Canadian or a woman.
And at least they changed the write-ups on the back of the cards for different base versions. 

Although I miss Kris Statlander being introduced as "From the Andromeda Galaxy".

There you have it!

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