Wednesday 24 April 2024

Bills! Bills! Bills!


aka Part 2 of the Night Owl mailer. It really packed a Paup! *groans* OK. It was the most significant of the three teams represented in the mailer. Better?

Best photos of the bunch go to a pair of horizontal photos. It looks like half of the offensive line is trying, and failing to prevent Cornelius Bennett from hurrying Joe Montana. That game vs KC was my first ever in-person Bills game, and it was a stomping. On the other side, you've got Pete Metzelaars just casually looking the ball into his hands, even with a defender draped over him.
Aside from that, here's cards from a set I had no idea even existed. There was a six-card set under the Donruss banner that saluted one of the Bills in Toronto games. The other cards were the opposition Dolphins, so I got the important half.

As for the rest of it - 6 decades worth of Bills!
70s! I don't know if this is a dupe, but if it is, he's an Oregon alum that will be joining the next mailer I send to Kerry @ Cards on Cards.
80s! Bonus - it is a food issue! 
90s! Lots of fun when you throwback to the glory years with these guys. Even though I had zero memories of Justin Armour outside of his cards. He spent his rookie year with the Bills, got injured and then bounced around with a few other teams over the next few years. Henry Jones is about as intense as one could ask for on a simple headshot image.
The Bills in Toronto cards counted as 2000s cards as do these. I don't already have that Bledsoe in my 2/14 collection, so that's going into that binder. 

2010s. The Ed Oliver is one of those cards that have been showing up in Panini sticker packs as of late. Any Bills cardboard, no matter what types of packs that originate in, are always welcome.
But the bulk of this was stuff from the 2020s. Even though Jake Fromm never took a regular season pass for the Bills, his Classics/Chronicles entry with the team colours is a really nice-looking card.
At least Greg Rousseau is still around in this group. That Playoff entry is an acetate card. 
And Khalil Shakir is still around as well! He deservedly earned some love after the touchdown against the Steelers in the playoffs. So is Elam, and him being a healthy scratch for parts of last season really make it seem that it won't be for long.
Finally, some veteran presence! And a legend! But still a couple rookies to make for the best variety in the groupings that I basically put together by set.

Thanks for all these new Bills in the collection - I've already got a small package ready to head your way, but it will certainly expand after I start building the Heritage set and pull some dupes.

And there you have it!

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  1. Yes, why on earth would you need the Dolphins half? ... Always nice to see an enthusiastic greeting for Bills cards!