Saturday 27 April 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 12 - The Gap

While I probably would start digging through the Expo goodies today, that involves scanning cards, and I'm just too lazy for that. So, some repacked hangers from Walmart that have already been scanned.
This will be the extent of the 23-24 Artifacts, which is surprising given who is on the packages. But, yeah. This is pretty much what I expected. I don't like how the design cuts off part of the image, even if it is just the stick or part of the leg. But given that everybody buying this was likely chasing Bedard, I don't think too many people bothered with the base.

The other hanger was two packs that have shown up before: 2021 Topps UK and 2021 Chrome Platinum Anniversary.
Hey! A Blue Jays card is the first one! That's a nice way to start. Other than that, a couple cards bound for elsewhere, and not much else of note. 
But I did add an insert as well. So, there was that.
But there was something really nice in that pack of Anniversary. As gaudy as that is, it should be a lower numbered parallel.
/50 is a pretty low numbered card to find in some random pack that was part of a cheap-o repack. This is a Gold & Rose Gold 70th Wave Refractor, which fall at a rate of 1:196 packs in this release. Not bad at all!

And there you have it!


  1. Whoa. Congratulations on beating the odds and pulling that Gold Refractor.

  2. That's a nice Braden for sure!