Thursday 25 April 2024

Commence Set Build!


And a blaster of Heritage seems to be a fine way to start. Even though I guess you can say it started with the group break. But these were the first I've pulled from packs.

They do look nice all stacked in numerical order after busting.
My favourite card in the bunch? Based on the photo, this one. I love that Kimbrel seems to be crouched over to try and fit in the cramped space of the card that confines him within its borders.

I did get one of those old-timey manager cards, even if seeing Berra in a '75 set as a Yankee really doesn't make sense. Although I do have a more accurate one on the way, alongside with some card that has red ink scrawled on it. 
No Mets base cards (but again, that will be remedied), but here's a couple Jays that are unneeded because of the group break.
My favourite card back trivia? The Goodman seems odd, since the trivia generally is a direct reference to the player or their team. I'm not sure what, if any connection Hunter Goodman and Elvis Luciano have aside from being baseball players. As for Navarro, I just like that the font makes it look like  Minoso was 527 years old when he hit that home run.
Whoa! The colours man, the colours!
The SPs. At 3-per, the blasters are probably a better option than hobby if that's what you are hunting. 
Finally, the inserts. That Seaver was the only Mets card I got in the box. The Kershaw is from the Baseball Sensations inserts, which look to be retail exclusives. It is already set aside for my next mailer to Night Owl. The other two should be familiar to anybody who has seen a hobby box break.

There you have it! Approximately 400 cards more to go!