Monday 1 April 2024

Mailbag! - Dawg Day Cards

 A couple mailers showed up last week - one massive one from Night Owl, and one from Angus @ Dawg Day Cards. Sadly for returning fire, this was just after I hit ship on my first COMC order of the year. So, it looks like I'll be looking for some Browns stuff at the Expo this year to return fire. Or if I skip it, I'll have to wait for another COMC shipment.

But enough babbling, let's see some cardboard!

The small envelope was mainly Bills content, but there was still this Siakam card from some sort of 22-23 promotional set. Please keep sending me his cards (and Lowry's, and VanVleet's) because the memories of his time as a Raptor are too pleasant for me to stop collecting his due to some silly little trade.
The only thing better than one Josh Allen card
is to get one with an interesting photo. End zone dives rule on cards! Maybe if the pylon were highlighted as well instead of faded in the background, that could make it even better.

If you define success as "don't be worse than JP Losman", then I guess Trent Edwards truly was successful in Buffalo. 
Spiller - a flashback to the era where the running backs were pretty damn good. Along with Fred Jackson, CJ provided one of a handful of things that didn't feel like the players going through the motions of yet another lost season.

Marcell Dareus was another bright spot of the early 2010s teams. And then the substance abuse suspensions hit. But on the field - no complaints! You took wins where you could during the drought years.

And there you have it! I'll hopefully find some Browns goodies at the Expo and be able to hit you back before spring is out. If not - maybe in time for kickoff!

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