Saturday 30 March 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 9 - Picked!


This particular pick of the week promised 5 rookie cards, 5 'star' cards and one hit. 

Here's the rookies portion. I guess these all count, even if some of them are probably not 'true' rookies as per some collectors. I guess Austin Hays is the most successful of this grouping, with another one (or half) in Colton Murray looking to be completely out of baseball as an active player, having not, as per baseball-reference, seen the field anywhere since 2018. That's DJ Stewart with the name hiding in foil on the lower right.
The stars. Miguel Sano is pretty questionable in this format, but at least it is an interesting photo for his card. Betts and Judge do the heavy lifting here, but their status as stars is hard to dispute, especially when the latter's card is from the All-Star game portion of the set.
And the hit! A piece of Juan Gone's Cleveland Pants! 

Perfectly average repack experience.

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