Monday 25 March 2024

Fun Football Photos

There's no connection between these cards or the players on them other than I found the photo choices interesting. 

Paul Krause is a Hall of Famer. I'm going to wager it is for his role as a safety, and not for his role as a holder. But, this does make for a more interesting photo for a 70s card than having him standing around helmetless so the logo isn't visible. 
Cartoon on the back as well!
I'm going through this list chronologically, so up next out of 1990 Score Update is Rich Karlis. This might be the last appearance of someone kicking barefoot on a card. That's worth adding to the binders!
Not only does this card offer up two types of weather elements, with both the snow and the mud, this was also the only card Eugene Seale would get over his 6 year NFL career. That's kinda disappointing for someone that got his start as a replacement player during the 1987 season. But at least his only card has a memorable look to it.
Both this and the next card are from 1994, so it now becomes alphabetized. Ice bath photos are definitely another rarity on cards, even moreso when the bath actually looks to be a jumbo sized plastic trash can, and the bather in question has to supply their own ice.
Not only is this an interesting photo of an upside down player, but this also utilizes the design of the set so nicely as it is perfectly framed so James Jett's entire body seems to crash down on himself.
Proof the player's face doesn't need to be visible in order for a card to have a great photo, and it can be enhanced as a horizontal card. I just hope that he actually brought down Garrison Hearst on this play. 
If this photo was less-tightly cropped, I could have added it to my 2-14 collection. The person that gave Antonio Pierce to the Key to the City? 2-14 baby Michael Bloomberg. The Giants got a nice number of interesting Super Bowl victory themed photos in this set.
And I'll end on another faceless photo. But we do get a touchdown dance on a shiny parallel. And it includes his nickname, although its location means that any actual white shoes aren't visible.

There you have it!


  1. Nice!

    There is an Eric Turner card that I like.

  2. Some awesome photos in this post. My favorite would be the Karlis... with the Krause being a close second.

  3. Always like the pierce base...not just because I am a Giants fan