Wednesday 20 March 2024

Bills! Bills! Bills!

 Sure enough, just as I get done scanning all these, a mailer from Night Owl shows up filled with Bills content. So, that just incentivizes me more to pile through all the Bills content in the TMV box, my COMC to-be-posted box, and some Cards on Cards PWEs.

Sure, this COMC entry might look like just another insert card, but this one gets selected from the site and put in my inventory thanks to the write-up on the back.
It highlights his 2 kickoff return game against New England. The Bills did sport blue uniforms that day, so I can also pretend the photo is from that game. 
There were only 3 Bills cards in the box from COMC - the first being James Cook on a rather loud Gridiron Kings/Chronicles entry, and Justin Shorter making his collection debut with a /175 entry from Luminance.
With all the Raptors content in the CoC, I appreciated the slight break from it with 2/14 guys and these 2 Bills entries.

And now, over to the TMV box.
Starting with the base cards (or perhaps that Watkins was an insert). In fact, I think those All-Pro cards were as well. Too late to change things now, and at least they can provide positive memories about some decent talent on the team during the playoff drought years.
The best thing about Jim Kelly appearances is that while they might be dupes in the 2/14 collection, they're not in the Bills collection.
Some colorful parallels, none of which feature players currently are on the team. I really hope that wherever White ends up, he is able to shake off all the injury issues that plagued him with the Bills and re-reach the level he was at when healthy in Buffalo.
Inserts! The Andre Reed one is disappointing, in that while the back write-up does feature the game against the Oilers, it doesn't mention the comeback in the game. Which, any card referencing that game pretty much has to.
Inserts of the horizontal variety. 
Numbered cards. The best thing I can say about Manuel and Johnson is that they weren't the worst QBs over the past 20-or-so years.
Some relics. When I saw that Travis Henry, I wondered what happened in the game that manu-ticket represented. Turns out I was wrong, as the Bills shut-out the Patriots in that game. They'd blow out Jacksonville the next week.

And then proceed to go 4-12 the rest of the way. Because Bills.

I also thought that Brown was a dupe. It turns out I had the cracked ice parallel /25 of it. And since that is the only parallel there was - RAINBOW! WOO-HOO!
If you want some ink to go along with some player worn swatches, here you are! Thankfully, they created a smoky background for the Williams card and auto, because that would not have been visible otherwise. If any card called for a plain white swatch, that's the one. 

And there you have it!

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