Monday 18 March 2024

E-Pack Stuff

 Over to my COMC to-be-posted box for some hockey content today, and either stuff I acquired through e-packs, or stuff I picked up cheaply on COMC.

Despite the photos being more interesting than the base cards in general, the Canvas inserts are kinda dreaded among those that only buy individual packs, since they could replace a potentially $$!$! YG rookie. This might have been the first base one that was popular among collectors, which is solely the result of his serial killer impression on the card.
Here's a couple horizontal entries. Ullmark's card commemorates the goal he scored, and is one of a handful of cards in the GDM hockey releases that still have something resembling value at this point at COMC.  Audie is no longer the goofy being that cheers on Utica's team, but has since been replaced by Naudie
To end, here's some entries out of Compendium. I love how the extension of the photo works perfectly with the stick position on the Jagr and LaDue entries, and the celebratory goal-scoring line always works photographically for a card.
Another aspect that can make for an interesting photo - the pile of pucks during the pre-game warmups. Landon Bow is bound for the mask binder, with Hamonic's stickwork being another thing that one doesn't see much of on card images.

There you have it!

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