Sunday 3 March 2024

Random Retail

 There were no 2024 S1 packs on the shelves when I got these in order to scratch my urge to bust something.

One discounted, one not at all discounted. 

Since we're already on to people showing off their 2024 pack contents, I'll be brief in showing off the contents from the 2023 S1. There were a couple interesting collation moments, such as it being a Phillies card such as both the first card and the last card.
Or 3 straight Twins cards.
If I had to pick the most interesting photo in the pack, I guess it will be this one.
And the inserts. Stars of MLB is still so generic for an insert, but at least I landed a Mets card in there.
I guess a Trout appearance is kinda nice too. 

Now, let's look at full-price Prizm.
This pack probably wouldn't be recommended for anybody set building. 15 cards, but only 8 base cards. 
But there were lots of base parallels. 
Some shiny.

Some colorful and shiny.
Some of which extend into insert sets. Green is pretty close to a colour-match for a Dolphins card.
And one more insert. 

Well, that was pretty bland, although that might have been influenced by landing nothing for any of my PCs in this. At least I  have a trade partner that should like that shiny Eagles card.

But there you have it!

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