Sunday 17 March 2024

Many Mets

Back to the TMV box, and the Mets portion of it.

The only hit in this portion. Coming out of Upper Deck's "We can just hide part of the logo!" era. In retrospect - a VERY bad idea.
Everything in the box was grouped together, which saved me the sorting time. But for some reason, all the Mike Piazza stuff was in the area with the misc. "guys i collect" portion. Was that a sign that I should scan them separate? I guess.  Now that's how you get around the lack of a MLB license. The "Colorized" card comes from an unlicensed set that also salutes the respective state quarters. 
Did you think I was exaggerating with the term 'Many' in the title? It is hard to pick favorites in this stack of cards, but I'll pick the two 'Subway' themed Pete Alonso cards. I had no idea these existed before adding them, but now I can totally see myself, like an idiot, adding the other 28 in this set to my COMC cart at some point. It's such an inspired design choice for a card featuring a New York player. 

With an honourable mention to the Mrs. Met appearance.

There you have it!

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