Tuesday 5 March 2024

A Penmanship Posting

 Back to the ol' penmanship binder, which simply means I love something about this person's signature, regardless of anything else.

With Van Jefferson and Cam Akers in 2020, and with Tutu Atwell in 2021, the Rams went on a good run of drafting players with nice handwriting for their signatures. While some might balk at his using a lower-case letter for the first letter, it does allow for the single line to be used to cross his Ts. And if you're actually taking the time to make such a quality signature, you can at least cut corners in one place.

It might not have been like father, like son for their MLB careers, but it was so for their autographs. I'm guessing that dear ol' dad passed Harmon Killebrew's wisdom down.
Usually, a player will use the initial for the first name and do a little more for their last name. Rodolfo Castro went the other way. And it looks really nice, especially how he uses much of the space allotted for his signature.
And as I showed when I added Brandon Alexander's auto into this binder, arranging your first & last name vertically can make for a more legible auto. This also a nice way to add my first VCU Rams card into any binder. He'd end up with the Grizzlies, and is seeing a lot of court time in his second season. I always like it when guys with a nice signature get some level of success.

There you have it!

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