Monday 11 March 2024

Another Raptors Mega-Post

Time to highlight all the Raptors content in recent incoming mail, consisting of the box posted yesterday, and a trio o'PWEs from Kerry @ Cards and Cards. 
I originally planned to show off everything but the hits in several scanner beds worth of post, but this Vince Carter is just an incredible photo for a base card. This looks like a photo you'd see today on some rookie photo shoot card, but this is an in-game gem. Charles Oakley looks completely wowed by what is happening in front of him. As for Andrew LeClerq, he's more "how am I supposed to defend that?". This was definitely worthy of the #1 spot in the set.
I didn't get the Raptors in any Prizm group breaks, so this is my first chance to see some of those releases. Even with his brief stop with the team, I do hope to see a Schroder card where he's pictured in Raptors colours. The Vince Carter here is one of the Promotional Sample versions.
Bring on the parallels, and ignore the Dino-Might pun. Even if the photo comes from a Canadian Team battle against the Grizzlies. While there's some nice shininess, especially with that silver Siakam, my favourite might be that Zan Tabak, which is a Players Club Platinum parallel and were box hits at the time. 
Nothing but dino jerseys in this group! AWESOME!
Here's the PWE finale. There's the base version of the Tabak parallel. Stadium Club during the Raptors' first season just used simple headshots of the players on the new team instead of bad airbrushing. That's probably for the best. It is really just a coincidence that I ended this part with a pair of Scottie Barnes appearances, since after all those trades, it really is his team now.

And now the Raptors content in the box.
Given all the departures from the team, it is depressing to look at even recent cards to see how few of the players are still on the team. The Vinsanity is some sort of parallel, and I can kinda get behind nickname parallels. Even if the jersey is conveniently edited. 
Even base cards can provide shininess.
Finally, a Raptors card in this bunch with a player still on the team. Although with the time he's getting together, you'd barely know it. The Orange Siakam is a retail parallel, and the Illusions entries here show you can put together a nice design when you use multiple, non-repeating images on a card.
Let's see some relics. Although he's not pictured with the Raptors here, this might be as close as I ever get to owning an actual Peja Stojakovic Raptors card. The only one I know of has been on my unrealistic want list for ages, and there are only 35 out there. Although Novak is pictured with the Raptors there, that's a Knicks swatch. I don't really care - another hit for that binder!
Let's end it with a 1/1 plate! Kyle Lowry in all his magenta glory. I have 232 cards of Lowry in my collection based on what I've put into tcdb, but finally I now have one of his plates! WOO-HOO!

There you have it!

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