Sunday 24 March 2024

Back to the TMV Box with 2/14s

 Here's all the 2/14 content in the box.

One and done with the baseball portion, as this becomes my 31st Yermin Mercedes card. 

Also one-and-done for hockey with this OPC of Petr Mrazek. Now this one, I likely do have already, but have as part of a set-build. So this is new to this collection.
Basketball did a little better, with a pair of cards. 
And it provides the first hit of this post. For a card that is part of the 'Lights Out' insert set, the design elements are pretty bright. Rip remains the only basketball member with those numbers, and will probably remain that way for a long time. 
Football was the king in this mailer for 2/14s, but I'll keep the one-and-done theme with the only Jadeveon Clowney appearance, coming out of one of the best sticker-dump sets ever - Field Access.
I was legitimately surprised that I didn't already have all of these Alshon rookies in the collection already.
In terms of volume, there was a tie for first place with 10 new cards each. Drew Bledsoe got there with 4 base cards and 6 numbered cards.
With Steve McNair reversing that with 6 base cards and 4 numbered cards. All the team names he's played for over his cardboard career are shown - Braves, Oilers, Titans and Ravens. So that's kinda nice.
To wrap things up, here are some numbered cards. Much like how Hamilton is locked into the top spot in terms of basketball, Hackenberg will get the football top spot when it comes to the highest number of cards in relation to downs played. 36:0
Here he is for the finale, in a jersey swatch card that doesn't need any sort of "not game-worn" disclaimer on it.

There you have it!

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