Thursday 7 March 2024

Series 1! Finally!


While others are out chasing their Bedard dreams in Series 2 UD, I'm perfectly happy with one retail hanger of Series 1 baseball. You got start somewhere if I opt for a set build!

And my first card is a guy whose name I would barely recognize if it weren't for the fact he had quite a few RCs in sets last year.
My first (and as of yet, only) Jays card of 2024 actually doubles as my favorite photo in the pack. If they'd managed to align it so the glove was perfectly between the E and the J, it could be an all-timer.
First 2024 Mets card and my first Rookie Cup card of the year as well.
As for my favourite thing about this year's base cards?
The small player photos that are on the reverse of the Team Leaders cards.

Off to the inserts!
Of course, I landed a couple Stars of MLB inserts. 
Oh, and those have Chrome parallels as well. Apparently, these have been around for a couple years now, but this is my first time pulling one. I guess if I'm going to get one, it might as well be an Elly de la Cruz one.
1989s? Maybe if the border were a little more off-white than white to salute the feel of the cards, I'd like them more to note that at least these haven't been done to death like 1987s.
Not one, but two parallels! WOO-HOO? I guess if I were trying a set build (and TBH, I still might depending on the price point of Heritage) I'd wouldn't be as excited. While the Thomas is the more standard rainbow foil parallel, the Diaz blue holofoil is /999. If I'm expecting zero numbered parallels and land one, I guess that's a win!

There you have it!


  1. There will be a few more 2024s headed your way hopefully next week.

  2. Nice pulls! Love the headshots on the back of the League Leaders cards.