Friday 15 March 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 8 - Another Hanger and Hit

 Another one of these, specifically this one:

Starting off with a visible defensive player.
This is everything I love about repacks. 8 different sets and the cards include such a fun variety. Not just one kicker card, but two kicker cards. Including a Bills representative. A referee. Tim McDonald positioned in such a manner that it appears he's being kicked in the ghoulies by a teammate. And a design that just screams mid 90s with 1994 Score.
And here's the hit. You can't go wrong with a Contenders auto, even if it is initials only. Jerome Harrison holds the Browns single-game rushing record with 286, which is also third-overall in NFL history. He'd suffer a brain tumor, discovered during a post-trade physical, but seems to be doing fine now. If I break out google and find out interesting things about the person on the hit, that's a good one!
OL mojo! Woo-hoo! That Andre Rison is definitely an interesting design choice.  Some would say ugly - but I'll say interesting. 
Pro Set provides the most interesting photo of the repack - it just looks like the start of some massive scramble after a loose ball. Even if it is a shared card, how can anybody not like adding a card of someone named 'Tank' on their card into one's collection.
Your finale.

Lots of keepers in this, even among the junk wax era stuff. And an interesting player for the hit as well!

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  1. One of my old university roommates is a big Washington State fan, and loved Jerome Harrison. I definitely heard about it when the Browns drafted him.

    The trade was definitely a blessing in disguise to have him become aware of the tumor. He might not have discovered it as early without that physical.