Thursday 4 April 2024

2024 Adventures in Repacks - Part 10 - Hanger and Hit


My last basketball one of these. This is definitely one of the better opening cards I've seen in one of these. Even if it isn't the shiny version, a Prizm of Jokic is still a nice keeper.

I don't know if I'll necessarily miss this feature, but this most recent shipment of repacks included a lot of cards out of 1990 Fleer Update. I can enjoy the 1990 Bowman hockey vibes that gives.
The hit comes early! While he never played for the Raptors, he was part of one of the most memorable moments in Raptors history. How? If I told you he autocompletes on youtube as "throws ball in the air" would that help?

No, this is not enough to count as a Raptors card.
Back to the regular cards. Even with a pair of seasons there, I completely forgot that Muggsy Bogues spent time with the Warriors. It seems odd for a set named 'Hardcourt' to use a basketball texture as a background, but I'll let it slide for a HOFer like Ray Allen making an appearance, and doing to in Supersonics colours. That John Salley is the oldest card in this repack, coming from 1989.
Shawn Bradley cards have gotten a little depressing lately. I get a couple of fun last names in this bunch. Fish? Mee? Yes, please. And more, please. Drexler's photo almost looks like a modern photo of someone taking a selfie. Photoshop a smartphone in his hand, and you've got it!
It's a Ray Allen hot pack! Love the Garnett cameo as well!

There you have it! 

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