Tuesday 16 April 2024

Baseball from Night Owl

 Back to the mailbag this morning, and all of the baseball content from a recent bubbler that showed up from Watertown, NY.  The even more numerous Bills content will be in a future post.

I can't go wrong opening up with some vintage, and some vintage with Dr. Ron Taylor. He could also double as an addition to the CanCon collection, even being with the Blue Jays as their team physician. That included during their World Series runs.
It looks like the Mets have someone named Jett in their system. And a guy with 2 first names. That has to bode well for the team, right? I guess I should be optimistic about Diaz being in perfect health, given that Topps included him in Series 1 instead of waiting for Update to see if he'd play.

Considering the Stadium Club 2023 I ended up busting was zero, I welcome any and all from that set. It was also nice to see some appearances of the 2023 rookies that provided some level of hope in the depressing 2023 season in this mailer, such as Senga, Alvarez and Baty.
Scary ghosts! Sure, the gimmicked natured of that parallel is a bit much, but at least it ended up as a team colour match.
Both Ginter and the Holiday sets were another item I didn't bust any of last year. At least I do recall seeing the latter on retail store shelves at some point.
If you, for reasons unknown to me, were wondering that the non-ghostly background of the Mendick was like, here's your answer!
Another colour matched card to end the Mets portion of this post. This is an orange crackle foil parallel, and is out of /299. 
While not as numerous as the Mets content, there was some Jays content as well.  Love those Archives 65s!
But the Jays portion did provide a hit! While I should love getting a swatch from one of their alternate red jerseys, it always seemed that the Jays would lose every time they'd wear them. Maybe I should consider this a good thing that they're getting one of those cursed jerseys out of the locker room.

I'm not even halfway through this mailer - lots and lots of Bills content still to come.


  1. I didn't know Ron Taylor became a team doctor ... Jays need to sacrifice some wins if it means red jersey relics, a lot more interesting than white or gray.

  2. Pretty excited about Jett Williams. Already have an auto and a relic of him, now he needs to make the majors so he can get an RC and I can complete the trifecta.

    As for guys with 2 first names, Simon Juan is still a couple years away, but Christian Scott might be up this season.