Tuesday 9 April 2024

Misc. Interesting Basketball Cards

 Interesting to me, at least.

My timing may be off sometimes, as per yesterday's post. But today, I've timed the opening card perfectly. Last night the NCAA Champion was crowned (I'm writing this before the game), so a card featuring a celebration from an earlier game is perfect for today. A player being carried on the shoulders of fans/teammates doesn't make enough appearances.
It's a shame that they used a black and white photo on this card. Such a memorable (for whatever reason) uniform deserves to be seen in full colour. 
Not merely a card of World B. Free, but a card from the San Diego Clippers. Defunct (or at least relocated) team mojo!
You want another relocated team?  Here you are with Wes Unseld and the Baltimore Bullets. I think 
I'll give the nod to this one over the World B. Free with the Bullets being visible on the shorts, and the general "I'll posterize you in a day before posterizing was a thing" expression on his face.
Fro power! It may not have the magnificence of his 1976 issue, but this is a pretty respectable competitor from 1975 instead.
I'm staying in Indiana for the finale. Sure, this is a nice from-the-roof photo, but Natalie Achonwa makes for a rare woman's player in my Canadians in basketball collection. She might be as close as I can 

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