Tuesday 25 December 2018

Some Christmas NBA

Since I already did a major Raptors post not that long ago recapping some group break scores, I might as well do a box from my Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff today. I didn't scan the box beforehand, so I'll have to say off the bat that this isn't regular Optic, but Fast Break Optic. The difference? The latter has different parallels, a couple more base cards and different autos, though both were one-per-box. These were also a little cheaper. Hence this choice.
I've probably already shown off the Raptors base content in a previous post. Probably. So here's the first card numerically, #2 Dennis Schröder. Umlaut power! Team-wise, the collation was pretty good, as I got at least a single card for every team but Oklahoma City.
The top 2 draft picks also made appearances in base form.
Each pack had at least one insert or a parallel. Here's the collection of inserts, except for the autograph which I'll show off at the end. While the easy winner here is the new Jamal Murray insert for the PC, the Retro series of Dave Bing is also pretty nice.
More Retro series as the parallels start, and they are available throughout the base and insert sets. A nice shiny card of the greatest champion in NBA history is a beautiful choice as the only silver parallel.
The Holo parallels were exclusive to the Fast Break box. One Raptors card is enough for me to call this portion worthwhile.
Numbered holo parallels were also a thing, although the numbering seems odd. The orange parallels are /193.
Purples are to a slightly more normal /155. These are probably my favourite of the coloured parallels, mainly because on this card, it works with the team colours.
And the red parallels are /85. There were also blue (/50), pink (/20), gold (/10) and black (/1), but this was as low numbered as my box went. As for the autograph...
I'll be waiting a bit to have it in hand.
But even though I'm not a fan of his, it will be worth the wait for a legend's auto.

And there you have it!


  1. Those are neat looking parallels! Getting a Kobe autograph is pretty darn good too. I've pulled his twice- the first time 18 years ago today, in fact.

  2. Not too shabby a pull in Kobe. Let's hope he fulfills the sig.

  3. Wow, that Kobe Bryant is a pretty big hit. Congrats!