Tuesday 11 December 2018

Back to Chronicles - Packs 4 through 6

Pack 4:
If I was listing players that I could imagine myself landing an autograph of in this set, Marcus Stroman would certainly not have been one of them. But I won't complain. A couple Mets cards make this even better. The Stroman is /99, while that shiny Rafael Devers is /299.

Pack 5:
This will bring the hit portion of the break to an end, with my final autograph. It is a Cracked Ice parallel from Contenders. The highlight for me here is the low-numbered Joey Votto for my CanCon collection. It's a pink parallel. More Ohtani. More Amed Rosario. No complaints with this.

Pack 6:
And the final pack. The Blue Jays only have 4 players throughout the entire release, and I got 3 of them over two packs (#4 is a Delgado auto). I think I had only landed one of the Ohtani cards in my previous two boxes, but I got 5 of them in this one. Collation can be interesting.

But there's another box of this down. Maybe I'll make busting a case of this my New Year's Resolution.

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