Monday 17 December 2018

Mailbag Catch-up

In the aftermath of the postal strike, packages are starting to show up once again. That includes Panini redemptions that were mailed out in October. I'm 3 for 4 in terms of expected redemptions, so I'm going to wait until #4 arrives to show off all of them. Until then, here's a couple PWEs. The first from Julie @ A Cracked Bat, the second from Gavin @ Baseball card Breakdown.
Julie had one of those "pick a card (or 3) from this group" things going on at some point, and these were the three I opted for. Al Newman blowing a bubble, with two HOFers for the team collections beside them. I thought I might already have that Gary Carter, but it was a need.
And of course, there was some randomness thrown for the Mets PC. Thanks for these, and I'm glad you liked the package that was sent your way as well!
While there was an autographed card that was more of a showcase item in the trade that will show up later on, this was a surprising contender for the favourite card in there. A team card if their then AAA affiliate in Norfolk? Perfectly odd!
A little bit of randomness here as well.
And this was the main feature of the trade, an autograph I sorta chased out of Archives this year through a group break, only to completely whiff on it, and any Mets content whatsoever. But, I have one now, and not only is the penmanship gorgeous, the classic Shea scoreboard in the background. Both great bonuses as I welcome this to my Mets hit collection.

And there you have it! Another one of my Black Friday/Cyber Monday boxes to show off in the next post.

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  1. Very cool cards here, you picked some great ones from Julie. And the Millan auto is sharp!