Wednesday 19 December 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 39 - Dings

This repack box contained the following 16 packs:

1997-98 Be A Player
2009-10 OPC
2009-10 UD S2 * 3
2011-12 Score
2012-13 Score * 3
2013-14 Score * 3
2016 Parkhurst * 3
2016-17 UD S2

As implied by the title of this post, dinged corners were a bit of an issue with this one. To the point it was only these 3 that didn't have the corners dinged.
3/16 is not a very good average. But at least one of the undamaged packs was the one with the guaranteed autograph.
A sampling of some of the cards that were in the other 13 packs. The shinier the card, the worse it looks in hand, so to speak. But, if I look at them on their own, there are some nice ones here. Both Young Guns guys are still in the league, and there was also a nice parallel and an insert with relevant rookie content. I get a chance to use the 'ladies' label on the post as well.
The 2/14 cards also couldn't escape the box and its corner attacking wrath.

Will the autograph in the pack save this repack?
An on-card autograph from an all-time great? Yup, that certainly does save this repack from the scrap heap.

With a rough start to this repack, I can't complain about the ending.


  1. WOW!!!!! I'd take all those dings for a Kurri.

  2. Same here! I'm glad you got some instant justice there!

  3. An on card autograph of a HOF'er in his sunset jersey? Priceless.

  4. I love the 97/98 BAP autographs. Congratulations on pulling Kurri.