Tuesday 4 December 2018

Compare and Contrast

I was going to spread my Black Friday/Cyber Monday boxes out over the month, but figured that given my post of ugliness on the weekend, I felt it would be fair to post a similar card, also from Panini.
Back to the 12-13 season for this, and the knowledge that at least if there's an expired redemption in this, it will still turn into a card.

There's 7 cards in this, 2 are Dominion, and the other Prime. But that will all be the same in the end compared to a typical Prime hockey release. 2 base cards, 5 hits.
The Dominion base is typical of what you get from similar Panini releases. Silver and a white background.
And your Dominion hit. Just a fraction of prime in there, with a slight bit of stitching visible over the lower corner, and a hint of green below the frame. He played one game for the Wild, and that's it for his NHL experience. He was one of several one-gamers in the 12-13 rookie class.
A current Senator was the base card in the Prime pack.
I guess this is technically a base card as well based on the numbering scheme. Much like Genoway, Foucault was also a one-gamer, but that's still enough for a card.
While I doubt these are from the 2010 Winter Classic, at least one of the photos is.
Even if there's an autograph to go along with it, a manufactured nameplate card shouldn't look better than an actual one. Brown's a rarity for players in the 12-13 rookie class as he's still in the league, now with Minnesota.
Now this is what a nameplate card should look like. No need to use the "ugly" tag on this one. And unless this can turn into a card I really, really want for the PC, what a sure keeper! The 2/8 would hint that this is the first 'E' in Bergeron, and with the multiples of that letter in the name, it technically isn't a 1/1.


  1. You always pull some great stuff..but that Bergy letter is one sick pull!

  2. That Bergeron is one sweet pull. Congrats! Panini did manage to get some things right. They need to be producing hockey cards again.

  3. Nice Bergeron card! I've never owned a letter card before. The Panini Prime is a really nice product, not a good year for the rookie crop though.

  4. Love seeing autographed letters. Gotta see if Panini had any Sharks players sign any.