Thursday 6 December 2018

Triple, before they triple

I might as well enjoy picking up the Blue Jays for cheap in group breaks this year, since I'll just presume when Vlad Jr cards start showing up in every Topps release, the cost of getting that spot will probably triple. Until then, they're nice and cheap, and I'll try to get some nice cards for that team PC.
Incredibly, I didn't get any base cards from this case of Triple Threads, just a pair of hits. The Home Cooking window text refers to Stroman's home ERA of 2.63, which was fourth in franchise history. I really like the colour contrast of the swatches, especially with one of them being from their patriotic red jerseys.
Only blue on this swatch, but it matches the ink! This is my first auto of Justin Smoak (I think?) in the collection, and the consistent blue on this card is really nice. Ink. Swatch. Photo.

And there you have it.


  1. Love that Stroman! Pulling for him to bounce back and have a solid 2019 season.

  2. I have always loved the swatches on the Triple Threads cards.

    Sometimes I wish I had more of them, then I realize just how much I have going on, then I smarten up...