Sunday 15 September 2019


I'm still highlighting the mailbag goodies today, and I'm doing so with a one-card mailer today.

This one is 9 months in the making, however.
This redemption, has resulted in this:
It wasn't exactly as advertised, but I'm still very happy with the card. Status instead of Optic seemed like a bit of a downgrade in set quality when it was announced, but I never was too picky about that. But since the Optic likely would have been a sticker auto, and this is on card. That's definitely an upgrade there.

So there you have it!


  1. Sweet Kobe! The fact that it's on-card makes it much, much sweeter.

  2. Beauty! This card is certainly NOT from the dollar store 😆

  3. Bummer about it not being an Optic Card, the Optic cards are some of my favorite of Panini’s current releases, but you definitely win with an on-Card signature.