Wednesday 11 September 2019

2019 Chronicles Case Break Random Goodies #2: Phils/Orioles

Today, a combo spot. Neither had too many hits in the product, so they were grouped together.
Yesterday, I ended with the loudest card in the group. Today, I'm starting with it. I only got one Aaron Nola, and this cracked ice parallel with the Phoenix design is a worthy only one. This card is /99.
These two photos look so similar, I wonder if they're from the same at bat. I guess that's one problem with changing the background to the photos for the card design.
While not as prevalent as some players in the set, this is still a good option if you want to explode your 'Harper as a Phil' collection. My fave here might be the Playoff design, since the bat seems almost at the same angle as the frame at the bottom of the card.
Orioles content was definitely more quality than quantity. I only got one "base" card, and it was this Trey Mancini. As always, ignore scanner filth.
Prime makes its way into Chronicles from hockey, after being away since their last NHL releases back in 13-14. It definitely is a large swatch, but really not Prime.
It was Baltimore that provided me with the rarest card in any portion of the break, with this printing plate. Throw in a stickergraph for good measure, and you've got a keeper of the O's first rounder.
I really love what Panini is doing with the printing plates as of late. The 1/1 and "this is a plate" remains, but they've more or less kept the actual back design of the base card, in this case allowing the card owner to see the image produced by the plate. That's so much nicer than the bland stickers by other companies.

And there you have it! My personal main events of the break start tomorrow with the Mets content.


  1. Not a bad slot for that break! I also love those super colorful plate backs. I think I'd only seen them in Score football so I'm glad to know that carried over to the baseball versions.

  2. wait-- a green printing plate?

  3. Congratulations on pulling that autographed printing plate. Green or not... it's still cool.