Thursday 19 September 2019

The Joy of Lots

Occasionally, I'll browse ebay looking for lots of cards. Usually, it is when I am trying to build the SP portion of a set. But sometimes, I'll see a card or two in the bunch that interests me, and the rest will either be trade filler, or COMC submissions. That describes this one.
The Al MacInnis portion of my Rangers alumni collection can never be robust enough, so I took this chance to add a patriotic swatch of his to the collection.
The hits portion of the mask binder collection also got a little more patriotic with this Zach Fucale entry.
Although I do have a couple of his autos from 13-14, I didn't have this one.

Those were the main 3 cards that interested me. What else filled out that lot?
Another patriotic card.
Here's a couple more autographs.
And a couple large relics as well.
And completely random to all of it, a Daniel Briere swatch. I'm probably going to COMC the last 5 of these, but the first 3 are all keepers. So there you have it!

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